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Shipbuilding Industry of Bangladesh: Great Opportunity being Muddled by Negligence and Oversight

Introduction:  Shipbuilding craft is an ancient craft that has been around as transportation via ship has been around for thousand years. The shipbuilding industry is accountable for the design and the construction of both oceangoing and river plying vessels all around the globe. Modification of ships and construction operations are carried out in specialized facilities […]

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Managing Risks that may lead to charter Party Disputes

Introduction High cyclicality, volatility and unpredictability characterize the economic environment of a shipping industry. The risk profile of the market is high. In international events (political, economic, technological, social, etc.) the freight levels and therefore the contract relations between ship-owners and charterers have significant impacts. In particular in the areas of safety and pollution, the […]

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Termination Agreements: Contract Law and its importance in Business Transactions

Termination describes an agreement terminating or being brought to an early end. The impact of termination is to finish the agreement at one point and release parties. A party wishing to end the agreement ought to consistently consider the legitimate principle whereupon they are entitled. The interests of the party trying to end might be […]

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How Bill of Lading Function as the Title of the Document

In modern international trade and shipping Bill of Lading is the most significant document. The bill of lading is a legally binding agreement that provides the shipper and carrier with all the information that is required for the transportation and proper invoicing of the freight and special directives to the carrier to ensure speedy delivery. […]

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Factors that contribute to ship collisions

The conditions that lead to these accidents vary generally, however there are a few distinct kinds of sea collisions that normally happen.[3]These are Side collision: This is the point at which one vessel is struck on its side by another vessel. It is basically a similar head as a T-bone sort  car accident Bow-on collision: This […]

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Carrier’s Liability of Seaworthiness of the Vessel

Introduction The carrier’s liability is regarded as contractual liability. During voyage, if the carrier fails to deliver the goods in the required condition e.g. perished or damaged or that the goods are not been deliver on time,  the carrier will be liable unless he can prove otherwise or that the his failure to perform obligations […]

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How to select a lawyer for maritime claims in Bangladesh?

Jannatul Shareat DishaJunior Associate, MCLaw Services Maritime lawyers are different than other practitioners in terms of technical knowledge and experiences. Knowledge and experience is the foremost thing for hiring a lawyer. Besides that, a variety of pertinent factors you need to consider before hiring a lawyer. As the lawyer who you are intending to appoint […]

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