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Bangladesh Maritime and Construction Law Journal(BMCLJ) Description.pdf Download

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Prospects of Blue Economy: Realizing the Blue Dream of Bangladesh

What is Blue Economy? The Blue Economy conceptualizes oceans and seas as “Development Spaces” where spatial planning integrates conservation, sustainable use of living resources, oil and mineral wealth extraction from the seabed, bioprospecting, sustainable energy production, and marine transport.[1]In layman’s terms, it encompasses all the activities of the economy that transpires directly or indirectly at […]

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When do you need to hire a shipping lawyer in Bangladesh?

Do you know when to hire a shipping lawyer in Bangladesh? Many people have a misconception that every type of personal injury or any such case near water needs a shipping lawyer’s assistance, but that’s not true. Shipping law or the law of admiralty provides coverage to several injuries occurring near the seaside. But many […]

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How to Choose the best law firm in Bangladesh?

Tips on the selection of the best law firm in Bangladesh? Legal advice and consultation is a vital part of the decision-making process in any company. Whether you face any legal complications or deceptive claims, only the right law firm and the attorney can help you out. You need to choose a professional and reputed […]

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How to select a lawyer for Maritime Claims Bangladesh?

Shipping lawyers who fight for Maritime claims Bangladesh favors workers or the passengers and their families who suffered due to shipping damages. Any uncertain or devastating injury with the boar worker can cost his life, and the lawsuits for shipping injuries are quite tricky. Hence, you must have good knowledge about Maritime claims so that […]

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