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Bangladesh Central Bank Issues Emergency Alert over ‘High-Risk’ Cyber-Attack Threat

Cyber-attacks hit trades every day. Former Cisco CEO John Chambers once said, “There are two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked.”[1] Cybercrime has grown last year as individuals strive to profit from weak business processes. Frequently, perpetrators demand ransom and 53% of cyber-attacks caused […]

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Challenges faced by Banking Industry in Bangladesh

Banking industry is viewed as the core of a solid economy. This is particularly true for a developing country like Bangladesh. Since independence, this sector has kept the wheel of the economy pushing ahead. So it’s normal that any disturbance in the industry will prompt impacts in the economy of the country. There has been […]

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Prospects of Blue Economy: Realizing the Blue Dream of Bangladesh

What is Blue Economy? The Blue Economy conceptualizes oceans and seas as “Development Spaces” where spatial planning integrates conservation, sustainable use of living resources, oil and mineral wealth extraction from the seabed, bioprospecting, sustainable energy production, and marine transport.[1]In layman’s terms, it encompasses all the activities of the economy that transpires directly or indirectly at […]

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UK Court paves the way for a claim of £14 billion for MasterCard

The UK Supreme Court penned down a landmark decision on 11th  December 2020  in Merricks against MasterCard, rejecting the submission of MasterCard against the conditions defined by the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) to certify class actions. The case is a landmark £14 billion mutual opt-out process. It began in 2016. The appeal for a […]

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Prejudicial Decision Requires Application of Administrative Fairness & Principle of Natural Justice

Administrative fairness is a legal concept that guarantees equal decision-making. It has evolved over time as a result of decisions made by the courts in regulatory situations. Any decision-making processes, such as the Code of Conduct, have codified procedural or administrative equity obligations that ensure that administrative fairness is specifically endorsed under the law. On […]

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How do we enforce foreign arbitral awards in Bangladesh?

What is a foreign Arbitral Awards? Arbitration is the most resorted form of Alternative Dispute Resolution and is regarded as the most favourable method for the settlement of disputes around the world. Section 2(k) of the Arbitration Act, 2001 defines a foreign arbitral award as an award which is made in pursuance of an arbitration […]

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How the Top Law Firms are coping with Covid-19

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic began in Central China on 17th November. The very first COVID-19 case emerged in the Chinese City of Wuhan which had then affected almost all the countries around the world. Now, it has already been a year since we are dealing with this deadly virus with no signs of ending […]

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Tips on the Selection of Best Law Firm

This is no secret that one may fall in need of legal services due to any unforeseeable event. In such circumstances, you need to choose a law firm to represent your case. Choosing a law firm is of enormous significance, as the firm will be representing your case before the court and in that capacity, […]

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Maritime law and procedures for ship arrest in Bangladesh

What does a ship Arrest mean? Ship or vessel arrest refers to the civil procedure whereby a ship is arrested by Court and thereby is detained under the concerned government authority until or unless maritime claims associated with the vessel are met. There are several grounds for arresting a ship e.g. damage of cargo, for […]

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