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Carrier’s Liability of Seaworthiness of the Vessel

Introduction The carrier’s liability is regarded as contractual liability. During voyage, if the carrier fails to deliver the goods in the required condition e.g. perished or damaged or that the goods are not been deliver on time,  the carrier will be liable unless he can prove otherwise or that the his failure to perform obligations […]

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How do we enforce foreign arbitral awards in Bangladesh?

What is a foreign Arbitral Awards? Arbitration is the most resorted form of Alternative Dispute Resolution and is regarded as the most favourable method for the settlement of disputes around the world. Section 2(k) of the Arbitration Act, 2001 defines a foreign arbitral award as an award which is made in pursuance of an arbitration […]

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How the Top Law Firms are coping with Covid-19

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic began in Central China on 17th November. The very first COVID-19 case emerged in the Chinese City of Wuhan which had then affected almost all the countries around the world. Now, it has already been a year since we are dealing with this deadly virus with no signs of ending […]

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When do you need to hire a shipping lawyer in Bangladesh?

Do you know when to hire a shipping lawyer in Bangladesh? Many people have a misconception that every type of personal injury or any such case near water needs a shipping lawyer’s assistance, but that’s not true. Shipping law or the law of admiralty provides coverage to several injuries occurring near the seaside. But many […]

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How to Choose the best law firm in Bangladesh?

Tips on the selection of the best law firm in Bangladesh? Legal advice and consultation is a vital part of the decision-making process in any company. Whether you face any legal complications or deceptive claims, only the right law firm and the attorney can help you out. You need to choose a professional and reputed […]

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How to select a lawyer for Maritime Claims Bangladesh?

Shipping lawyers who fight for Maritime claims Bangladesh favors workers or the passengers and their families who suffered due to shipping damages. Any uncertain or devastating injury with the boar worker can cost his life, and the lawsuits for shipping injuries are quite tricky. Hence, you must have good knowledge about Maritime claims so that […]

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How to select a lawyer for maritime claims in Bangladesh?

Jannatul Shareat DishaJunior Associate, MCLaw Services Maritime lawyers are different than other practitioners in terms of technical knowledge and experiences. Knowledge and experience is the foremost thing for hiring a lawyer. Besides that, a variety of pertinent factors you need to consider before hiring a lawyer. As the lawyer who you are intending to appoint […]

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Tips on the Selection of Best Law Firm

This is no secret that one may fall in need of legal services due to any unforeseeable event. In such circumstances, you need to choose a law firm to represent your case. Choosing a law firm is of enormous significance, as the firm will be representing your case before the court and in that capacity, […]

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Maritime law and procedures for ship arrest in Bangladesh

What does a ship Arrest mean? Ship or vessel arrest refers to the civil procedure whereby a ship is arrested by Court and thereby is detained under the concerned government authority until or unless maritime claims associated with the vessel are met. There are several grounds for arresting a ship e.g. damage of cargo, for […]

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